Best Online Lead Generation System

The #1 Inbound Online Lead Generation System For Serious Real Estate Professionals. Going with a “cheap” website could cost you thousands. Stand out from your competition with Carrot, also known as InvestorCarrot. It’s a mix between our industry leading inbound marketing tools that help you rank better more easily (on the web and on mobile devices), our hands-on expert coaching and support, and our training programs exclusive to active agent and investor Carrot members. Bottom line, you’ll have the tools and our team’s support to get the job done. Attract off-market highly motivated house / note / and land sellers with the most effective real estate investor websites in the industry. Sell your properties faster with our simple Property Listing Engine and build a more powerful cash property buyer list. Fill your rent to own / lease purchase houses faster with our Rent To Own Tenant Buyer websites. Our websites help give you a proven effective framework to build credibility online.


Starting Price: $69 per month

Real Estate Data, Tools and Marketing Solutions

Reach more leads, book more meetings, and close more deals with less work: Exceed your investment strategy by generating highly targeted property lists. Reach your prospects through customizable marketing tools. Find your next customer – before they even know they’re in the market. Search thousands of properties to identify the right market to grow your business: 100+ targeting criteria to find and create prospect lists. Uncover properties within your target market – search down to the granule level. Engage with property owners who are motivated to sell via world class filtering and lead targeting. Solve real-world problems with the all-in-one data software and analytics tool: Comprehensive data and context for market insight. Visualize where your customers are and analyze your market. Access the most current and accurate data from MLS sales and county recordings to generate instant comps.


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Deal Analysis System

Analyze any investment property in seconds. Our software makes it easy to analyze rental properties, BRRRR’s, flips & multi-family buildings, estimate profits and find the best real estate deals. Accurate property analysis in just a few clicks: Import dozens of property data points. Quickly search for properties and import their description, list price, value & rent estimates, property taxes, photos and more. Or use our step-by-step wizard to enter the data manually. Customize real estate deal parameters with DealCheck’s real estate investment calculator. Customize precise deal parameters. Fill in your purchase price, financing, closing costs, rehab budget, rent roll and estimated expenses. Configure dozens of parameters to structure the exact deal you want. View detailed financial analysis and projections. Instantly view each property’s cash flow, cap rate, ROI, profit from sale, acquisition costs and more. Explore long-term cash flow projections for rentals & BRRRR’s.


Free Trial available.