3 Unusual Ways to Sell Your House in Newark

Selling a house is never easy, and in some markets, it can be even tougher. Maybe the most difficult task is making your listing stand out from all the many other listings for similar homes in your area. And in trying to do that, conventional, traditional tactics and methods sometimes just won’t cut it. So to sell your house, you often have to get creative and try things that are a little out of the ordinary. To that end, we offer these 3 unusual ways to sell your house in Newark.

1. Sell Without an Agent

Most sellers use an agent, but you don’t have to. A couple of your options to sell your house in Newark without an agent are . . . 

For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

You simply act as your own and do all the marketing, negotiating, and selling yourself. Many people who do this advertise their homes on online venues such as Craiglist and Facebook groups. A good number of sellers do this with a remarkable amount of success.


Another way to sell your house without an agent is by means of an auction. What we mean is not a foreclosure auction or a tax lien auction, but rather an FSBO auction. 

The most common way to do this is by using online auction sites alike Auction.com or Hubzu.com. Users can then bid on your home, and you accept the best/highest bid. Just be aware that many auction sites don’t allow buyer contingencies, so this can of purchase wouldn’t appeal to buyers using financing.

Investor Sale

You can also sell your house in Newark directly to an investor. The advantages are an as-is sale and a quick closing, but you’ll typically have to accept a sale price below market value (unless you choose the investor-sale option we’ll detail below).

2. Offer a Seller Finance/Carry

Another not-so-usual way to sell your house in Newark involves you, the seller, offering “to become the bank.” You create a note and collect monthly payments from the buyer.

This arrangement offers certain tax advantages in that it reduces your tax liability on the property sale because you won’t be getting a large sum from the buyer’s lender. Also, it often helps you avoid having to make home improvements typically required by the buyer’s lender in the case of conventional financing.

3. Sell to a Hybrid Agent

A final unusual way to sell your house in Newark – and the best way in some cases – is to sell to a hybrid agent. This kind of agent is both a real estate agent and an investor, combining the best that a traditional real estate agent can offer with the advantages of an investor. 

The benefits of selling directly to an investor when you use a hybrid agent include . . . 

As-Is Sale

With a hybrid agent, you also have the option of selling directly to the agent-as-investor – which typically means an as-is sale. You won’t have to all the trouble and expense refurbishing the kitchen or making expensive repairs, which can result in more profit for you.

Quicker, Easier Closing

Selling directly almost always means closing sooner and with far less headache. Investors typically purchase with cash, so you can close as soon as both sides agree on the conditions of the sale. 

Cash Offer

As we just indicated sellers typically pay cash. A hybrid agent in her investor capacity won’t try to lowball you, but will, rather, offer a fair cash price. You get the full sale price in your pocket without all the usual hassle involved in receiving payment with a listing setup, as well as avoiding the delays involved when a buyer has to secure financing.

Where to Turn to Sell Your House 

So you have at your disposal several unusual and effective ways to sell your house in Newark. Just be aware that each has certain benefits and certain disadvantages. The best option for many sellers – the one that best optimizes the benefits and lessens the cons – is using a hybrid agent. So when you’re ready to sell your house, contact us today at (848) 299-4847.

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