What is a Hybrid Agent and Why You Should Work With One When Selling Your House in Newark

Hiring the right real estate agent for you is an absolute must, but looking at using the services of a hybrid agent can afford you the advantage your home sale needs. Let’s explore the possibilities by going over what a hybrid agent is and why you should work with one when selling your house in Newark.

What Makes a Hybrid Agent?

Some agents prefer to deal with only selling homes, some agents only represent buyers, and then the hybrid agent represents their clients while also purchasing properties as temporary investments. 

Since the hybrid agent buys up properties and then intends to sell them to motivated buyers, they come equipped with an existing portfolio of houses prepped for sale. When you meet with a hybrid agent, take the time to look through the listings in their portfolio to see how they prefer to handle the marketing of their properties. This will give you a good idea of how your home will be represented on the open market, and see if you feel it fits with you. 

This also affords you the opportunity to ask the agent any questions that may be going through your mind.

Vast Market Knowledge

When you hire the services of a hybrid agent, they are likely already somewhat familiar with just about every available property on the local market. The reason for this is that they are always on the lookout for their next perfect investment opportunity. 

In order to stay on top of things and be the first dazzling offer on that diamond in the rough, hybrid agents have to carefully scour the listings constantly and scrutinize every single one. They have developed a critical eye and are able to easily identify any serious issues or weak spots your property may have that could reveal themselves to potential buyers. Taking care of these problem areas ahead of time is certain to save you time and money, and you have your agent to thank for that. 

Lastly, your hybrid agent’s knowledge base helps influence the starting price of your house and the features highlighted in the listing.

Additional Resources

Every agent comes equipped with a network of professional contacts they have built over the years. The difference here is that hybrid agents quickly build these relationships out of necessity because they aren’t just working alongside their contacts, but they are regular customers as well. 

Some services that could come in handy include a professional photographer to provide a magnificent set of photos for your listing, an interior decorator to turn staging into a slam dunk, or even a bevy of different inspectors. 

For instance, let’s say your home’s foundation has some concerning cracks that have gone untouched for years. A hybrid agent will call in a structural engineer to do a thorough inspection and 

The Professional Touch

Out of every benefit an experienced and qualified hybrid agent brings to the table, one of the biggest is their high level of competency and proficiency with negotiation. 

Once offers begin coming in and you’re picking them apart in order to make counteroffers, a hybrid agent will make sense of every little detail while imparting well-thought-out strategies to keep the deal moving. Having an agent in your corner allows you to rely on them as a buffer zone against allowing things to become personal, and they will always work toward the goal of closing and getting you the most for your property.

Your Hybrid Agent Partners in Newark Real Estate

If you’re buying or selling a home in Newark and want to use a hybrid agent, contact our experienced team today at (848) 299-4847!

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