Announcing Our New & Improved

JDL VIP Direct Access Program

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Let’s be honest…

How many wholesalers or investors have you met that asked you the question, “Can I add you to my VIP buyer’s list?“, and meanwhile, you know for a fact that you’re not really getting “VIP treatment”?

We’ve all been there, and I’m sure you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about… you’re missing deals (i.e. losing money) because you’re not that 1st or 2nd call, text, or email.  The great deals come and go too quickly for everyone to have a fair shot at them…

That’s why we at JDL Ventures have designed an exclusive JDL VIP Direct Access Program for only the serious investors on our list…

Now, you might be wondering what the differences are as a JDL VIP vs. just being a subscriber on our investor buyer list….

Well, here’s what you get when you enroll in the JDL VIP Direct Access Program:

  • Instant Deal Alerts Delivered directly from our highly-advanced lead management system to your email inbox and phone via text!
    • On average, JDL Ventures secures 5 to 10+ new deals every week (and growing…), and you’ll be the first to see them
    • Getting INSTANT alerts means you will have a “first-mover advantage” over the rest of our list, comprised of literally thousands of other investors fighting for the best deals
  • Our VIP Sales & Support Team gets you all the info you need about our wholesale deals, including priority access and property data, including estimated ARV and repairs for the property to help you make an informed decision
    • You will be assigned a dedicated VIP Sales & Support Representative to support you throughout the whole process of buying your first or your next deal from JDL
    • The team at our sister-company, Investors First Title Agency, is ready to assist you with all of your title and settlement questionsso you can have peace of mind about the property you’re buying and can get closed successfully
  • Personal Introductions to our Preferred Lenders, Contractors, and other investor contacts determined to help you build and grow your real estate investing business!
    • Our Preferred Lenders offer up to 100% financing for your projects and are willing to provide debt and/or equity funding solutions
    • Just one of our best referrals will help you secure $50k+ of credit for your fix & flip projects that you can use as a down payment for your first or next deal or as working capital for your business
    • Our highly-recommended contractors know how to work with investors and some of them are actually investors themselves
    • Joint-venture opportunities with the President & CEO of JDL Ventures (Doug Beck) and his partners if the deal makes sense and has enough “meat on the bone”
  • Unlimited 24/7 Access to the Flip More Deals Online Learning Platform, filled with literally dozens of hours of video content and reference materials to put all the pieces together for your business
    • From the basics like wholesaling one deal at a time to more advanced strategies like outsourcing and team-building, our Flip More Deals Online Learning Platform is designed for both the newer investor as well as the seasoned investor looking for an edge to scale their business

100% “DO A DEAL” GUARANTEE: We are so confident that you will get REAL value from our VIP Program giving you the resources you need to successfully close a deal that we will give you your money back when you close your first deal with JDL Ventures!  Read more below…

Here’s the Bottom Line:
If you are a serious investor buyer or aspire to become one, be sure that you don’t miss out on this opportunity to secure one of the few VIP Investor Buyer spots in our exclusive program!

Let me be clear… this program is literally PRICELESS to anyone willing to take action, especially if you’re working on one of your first deals…

The good news is that you have three SIMPLE options to enroll as a JDL VIP:

Option #1: Enroll as a PLATINUM VIP (12-month commitment)
Fully-Committed for the next 12 months?  Let’s get to work! Sign up as a PLATINUM VIP!
Get started TODAY for only $997 for 12 months (BEST VALUE!)
When you close a deal with JDL within the 12 months, & we will refund you all of the payments you made as a VIP plus an additional $1,000!
Click here to Sign Up as a PLATINUM VIP!

P.S. Use PayPal Credit at checkout and get 0% interest for 6 months with no payments! (subject to credit approval, of course)

Option #2: Enroll as a GOLD VIP (6-month commitment)
Confident in the results you’ll get but cash flow a little tight this month?
Get started TODAY for only $497 for 6 months
When you close a deal with JDL within the 6 months, & we will refund you all of the payments you made as a VIP plus an additional $500!
Click here to Sign Up as a GOLD VIP!

P.S. Use PayPal Credit at checkout and get 0% interest for 6 months with no payments! (subject to credit approval, of course)

Option #3: Enroll as a SILVER VIP (month-to-month basis)
Not sure yet if you will get what you really need from this program?
Get started TODAY for only $97/month with no long-term commitment
When you close a deal with JDL, & we will refund you all of the monthly payments you made as a VIP!
Click here to Sign Up as a SILVER VIP!

Not interested?  No problem!  Be sure to sign up on our general list for regular updates on our deals and other real estate investing information and events:

Please keep in mind that our general list has literally THOUSANDS of people on it all fighting for the best deals… 
As such, most of our best deals go to our VIP Direct Access members before they even make it on the general list.

Here’s the BOTTOM LINE:
If you are an active investor, you’ll want to seriously consider enrolling in one of the 3 options above to maximize the likelihood of securing your next real estate deal from JDL Ventures!